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Forest Gate Arts

13 Upton Lane

London E7 9PA

Thu-Sat 12-5pm

Word Play

A group exhibition of text-based works

An exhibition exploring the exploitation of the meanings and ambiguities of words. 

Language and Art have never lived too far away from one another and have often collided or intersected, producing thought-provoking and influential artworks. 

This exhibition investigates the more playful side of language, drawing upon ‘words’ in the broadest possible sense; with artworks that take inspiration from popular culture to work that embraces the charm of etymology. It offers a glimpse into how artists manipulate text, adapting it to generate new narratives and repurposing it to take on new forms…

Bryn Walls
Carla Ferrari
David Martin
Dr Ju Gosling
Geoff Brunell
Harriet Hill 
Hoisun Yung
James Padgham
Jo Evans
Joas Nebe
Johanna Bolton
Karen Ay
Kit Brown
Kristy Campbell 
Lorna Jewitt
Maria Demichele
Marion Johns
Michael Szpakowski
Paul Matosic
Simon Brewster
Stephanie Douet
Tim Timewell
Zoe Douglas-cain​

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